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Prestige Elysian at Bannerghatta road is a project by the famed Prestige developers that are spread over 6.27 acres.

There are various aspects that contribute to a convenient lifestyle. Be it the space within the premises, amenities within the project or the space within each unit variant, everything counts. Prestige Elysian offers premier 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK apartments. With all important amenities that cater to individual residential requirements, investing with Prestige Elysian Bangalore is nothing short of ideal. At Prestige Elysian, one can live a life of utmost fulfilment and happiness. Invest Now!

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Prestige Elysian

Located to perfection at Bannerghatta main road, South Bangalore

Prestige Elysian by the famed Prestige properties is located to precision at the commercial hub of Bannerghatta main road. The project offers impeccable benefits when it comes to connectivity. The project offers 2 and 3 BHK residential apartments that are spread across 6.27 acres. There are 4 towers that comprise of G+16 floors along with a clubhouse that spans across 14,000 sq.ft. There are prestigious schools and colleges in close proximity that gives residents the opportunity to provide the very best for their children in terms of education and healthcare. Bangalore is renowned to offer high-profiled employment prospects in the IT sector. Prestige Elysian provides easy accessibility to localities like Electronic City which is considered as an IT hub.

With high paying job prospects, IT professionals can consider investing early on in their career to double up on a secondary source of income. Also, Bannerghatta main road is one of the most sought-after localities when it comes to residential requirements. With institutions like IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and hospitals like Apollo not too far from the project, land appreciation is sure to shoot through the roof. The NICE road provides access to Tumkur road which is a prominent industrial area. Therefore, investing with Prestige Elysian is certain to help you provide a secure environment for your loved ones and go about with your everyday commute with relative ease and comfort.

Location is by far the most important part of the project. Other than the land appreciation associated to the project location, one can estimate the extent of connectivity to the rest of the city. Prestige Elysian, located at Bannerghatta main road provides easy access to prime IT hubs via the NICE road which minimizes commute challenges. Furthermore, the project is close to prominent areas that are filled with all the amenities one would need for a convenient lifestyle. Prestige Elysian is a perfect combination of flawless recreational facilities and impeccable design structures that provide fine living conditions.

Neighborhood infrastructure development at Bannerghatta road

Increase in urban population across Bannerghatta has paved the way for residential and commercial infrastructure development. With ease in access to prime IT hubs, Bannerghatta main road is an ideal location to consider investing. Another prime reason to invest in such a locality would be the ease in commute. Also known as the state highway 87, Bannerghatta provides easy access to the NICE road which is the most preferred route to get to other parts of the city. Besides, the presence of prestigious educational and medical institutions promotes further infrastructure development for formidable rental returns. There are alternatives up for grabs. Residents can choose from affordable residential properties and spaces that promote luxury. The price ranges from Rs. 5000- Rs 7000 per sq.ft which is economical and on par with the standard of living at Bannerghatta main road.

Property price trends at Bannerghatta main road

Inclusion of governing bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST has brought about a change in the property market. Previously, realtors were not delivering on promises, which led to delay in project completion. This wasn’t great for the industry as prospective mindsets changed and developers were left with stocked inventory. However, things have changed and positive strategies have impacted property trends at Bannerghatta main road. Property investors can find a range of properties at Bannerghatta road. Be it individual homes, apartments/villas or gated communities, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Considering sustainable into account, Prestige Elysian has worked with some of the finest architects that have curated convenient living spaces without comprising on resident safety and well-being. Price trends showcase that Bannerghatta property prices range from Rs. 7000- Rs. 9000 sq.ft which is caters to what the industry expects. Once can expect increase in land appreciation because of the upcoming metro station.

Why should investors consider Bannerghatta road as their prime choice of investment?

There are many aspects involved in order to arrive at constructive investment decisions. Residents who are new to the experience should consider the location, connectivity, amenities and land appreciation before they go ahead and visit the project for further negotiation. Bannerghatta main road checks all the relevant boxes for profitable investments. With prime educational institutions and hospitals that provide round the clock healthcare services. Seamless connectivity benefits to the Bangalore International Airport, IT hubs in Electronic City, Sarjapur, Marathahalli and proximity to Koramangala and Central Silk Board ensures customers the value associated with their investment.

Pre-requisites to follow before investing at Bannerghatta main road

Be ready to categorize your priorities before you consider investing at Bannerghatta main road. In regards to residential spaces, there are people who prefer individual homes for a secluded environment and there are residents who prefer gated communities for a safe living experience. On the other hand, one would prefer purchasing properties that are already constructed and are ready to move in. Similarly, Bannerghatta main road comprises of residential projects that are in progress which is a great option for rental gains. Prestige Elysian offers the best of both worlds. As in, residents can look for tenants for rental returns in the future or personally occupy the space which provides nothing but the best in terms of connectivity, land appreciation, amenities and floor plans.

Proximity from Yelahanka to Bannerghatta main road

Yelahanka, close to the Bangalore International Airport is a commercial and residential hub prevalent in North Bangalore. The approximate distance from Yelahanka to Bannerghatta road is 28 Km’s. There are alternate routes based on your convenience. Residents can even access the outer ring road to get to the location with effortless ease. Also, one can access and get to Prestige Elysian from Yelahanka using frequent BMTC bus routes and taxi services that are frequent.

Connectivity to Bannerghatta main road from Banashankari

Banashankari is yet another emerging locality that offers options for residential property investments. The distance from Prestige Elysian to Banashankari is close to 11 Km’s via the outer ring road and close to 10.4 Km’s from the Bannerghatta main road. Based on general traffic conditions, once can get to the project by 30 minutes.

Distance from JP Nagar to Prestige Elysian

The distance from JP Nagar to Prestige Elysian is approximately 6 Km’s which is via the Bannerghatta main road. One can get to the project by less than 15 minutes. With so many prominent landmarks in close proximity from the project, investing with Prestige Elysian is nothing short of Ideal.

Getting to Prestige Elysian from Jayanagar

Jayanagar is known to provide benefits when it comes to entertainment and opportunities for high profiled employment prospects. The area is quite quaint and has a wide-range of green cover which is spread out evenly. The distance from Prestige Elysian to Jayanagar is about 8.7 Km’s and a travel time of about 20 minutes which is convenient.

Approximate distance from Electronic City to Prestige Elysian

Connectivity is always a benefit if you are looking for a residential property investment. Electronic City is considered to be a prime locality as it comprises if high-end IT infrastructures and corporations that offer wide-range of employment possibilities. The distance between Prestige Elysian and Marathahalli is 14 Km’s via national highway 48 and 17 Km’s if one plans their commute from Hosur road. It would take close to 25-30 minutes to get to the project. With frequent BMTC buses and taxi routes available at all times, residents can breeze through the traffic with effortless ease.

Proximity to Prestige Elysian from Marathahalli

Like Electronic City, Marathahalli is another locality that offers high employment prospects. Also, the area provides profitable options in regards to residential and commercial property investments. The distance from Marathahalli to Prestige Elysian via national highway 44 is about 19 Km’s and 20 Km’s from the Bannerghatta main road. Tentative time being 35 minutes.

Approximate distance between Prestige Elysian and Whitefield

Whitefield is yet another locality that offers options when it comes to entertainment centers and IT infrastructures. The distance from Whitefield to Prestige Elysian is about 20 Km’s from 100 ft road and 30 Km’s via the Bannerghatta main road. The time required to get to the project would approximately range between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Distance between Prestige Elysian and Hebbal

The distance between Prestige Elysian and the IT hub of Hebbal is about 20 Km’s which is via the Bannerghatta main road. Hebbal provides easy access to locations like Jalahalli and B.E.L main road which are commercial hubs. Also, if residents are anywhere close to Bellary road, they can very well get access to Prestige Elysian, which would take them 22 Km’s. Usually, traffic challenges at Hebbal are challenges as commuters get to the Bangalore International Airport on a daily basis. However, with frequent BMTC and taxi routes, residents can get to the project by 50 minutes to 1 hour.

Commute benefits from Prestige Elysian to Devanahalli

Devanahalli is by far the most emerging locality in North Bangalore. The location always matters as it would determine the connectivity to the rest of the city. Via Bellary road, residents can get access to Prestige Elysian from Devanahalli which is 48 Km’s far. Other alternative routes include the ones from NH 44 and outer ring road, which is 70 Km’s and 64 Km’s respectively. This would help frequent commuters as they can avail connectivity to get to the International Airport.

KR Puram to Prestige Elysian- Distance

Bannerghatta main road is surrounded by some of the fascinating residential and commercial infrastructure development. KR Puram on the other hand offers the same in regards to seamless commute benefits. The distance from KR Puram to Prestige Elysian is about 23 Km’s if you plan to visit the project via Bannerghatta main road. The upcoming metro station would add on to ease in commute on a regular basis as well. Travelling from KR Puram to Prestige Elysian wouldn’t pose a problem as KR Puram is the main hub for BMTC buses and taxis.

Proximity from Prestige Elysian to Old Madras road

Old Madras road is considered to be one of the prime localities for affordable residential property investments. With majority of population flocking to areas surrounding Old Madras road, the social and IT infrastructure development has increased multifold. The distance from Old Madras road to Prestige Elysian is 15 Km’s via the Bannerghatta main road, which takes about 45 minutes. Also, residents can travel via the 100 ft road which takes about 16 Km’s to get to Prestige Elysian.

Thanisandra to Prestige Elysian- How can customers commute effectively?

Residents can get to Prestige Elysian from Thanisandra by traveling for about 22 Km’s that takes about an hour. Other routes would include the one via the outer ring road that is about 28 Km’s. The upcoming metro station when functional would make everyday commute that much easier, which is certainly an added advantage.

Manyata Tech Park to Prestige Elysian- Distance information

Manyata Tech Park is a premier IT Tech Park that employs a majority of Bangalore’s IT crowd. Investing in areas that are in close proximity to Thanisandra is certain to provide favorable returns in the future. The distance between Thanisandra and Prestige Elysian is about 25 Km’s via the Bannerghatta main road. Depending on usual traffic conditions, one can reach the project within 1 hour and 20 minutes. Frequent bus and taxi routes make everyday commute that much more effective.

Distance from Prestige Elysian to Domlur

Distance from other emerging areas matter as customers can prioritize their time and go about with their other activities. One can reach Prestige Elysian from Domlur in about 40 minutes that is about 15 Km’s via the 100 ft road. With impeccable civic infrastructure development, residents can depend on alternate routes and make the most of public transport benefits.

Koramangala to Prestige Elysian- Distance preferences

Koramangala, on the other hand is home to entertainment multiplexes like Forum and IT tech parks like Embassy Gold Links which is in close proximity. Via Bannerghatta main road, residents can reach Prestige Elysian from Koramangala in about 9 Km’s and the time taken to reach the project would be about 40 minutes. There are frequent bus routes connecting to the project which is convenient guaranteed!

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Spread over 6.27 acres, the open spaces at Prestige Elysian are thoughtfully utilized for an eco-friendly living experience. Unique master plan designs offer nothing but convenience. Also, Prestige Elysian is in close proximity to fascinating IT tech parks and with the upcoming metro station at Bannerghatta main road, connectivity is enhanced multifold.

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